Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Top ten illuminati facts

10) 9/11 was an inside job

- building 7 was pulled, no plane ever touched it!

- The Pentagon's hole that was created was by a missle not a plane, the size of the plane that was said to have hit it was way too small!!

9) The illumanti fund goverments

- Where do you think the goverments get the money for all there electoral campaigns!! imagine i guy in the illumanti saying.. "ill pledge £50,000 if you pass this law that will benefit me" 
- The press also do this, in the UK there is a newspaper called, "The Sun" (sun god) and whoever they campaign for always gets into power, one of the wealthiest men in the world owns this paper.

8) They own the tv and everything you watch

- Every big channel is owned pretty much by the same people, with the same agenda, brainwashing the population into what they think, they can show anything and slowly change your views into whatever they want! 

7) You will never get rich

- You may make a good income, lets say a few thousand a year, but the world is structured to keep you spending, and losing income. The real rich list is full of wealthy land owners! we are told as children you can earn a good wage if you study hard and maybe... just maybe land a nice job and you can buy the things you dont need to put in that massive house with your nice car and the person you love can enjoy too.

6) Who prints the money

I always wondered, how can governments run out of money? Dont they make it? well no! The industry is private (banks). The banks control the interest rate and the value of each currency. 

5) War

- The illuminati plan wars years in advance, and even many presidents of other countries know about it and do not speak up! NATURAL resources are dried up on the main illuminati countries and therefore they invade the resource rich countries.
- Dont you find it weird that you can join the army at 16, but you cant buy a computer game called modern warfare 3 unless you are 18 and above.

4) Funding of wars

- They dont care who wins wars! you'll be shocked at how many well known companies actually make weapons. For example Rolls Royce since world war 2, have been making weapons to fund BOTH sides of wars, they win either way! countries are then in debt to big banks and companies, i think Germany just paid off their debt from world war not to long ago and still have army restrictions. 

3) The stock market is a con

- If you own 50% worth £1million, of a company and the market crashes, that £1 million will either lose its value within the second or, take a few days to drop day by day. The illumanti do this to buy up more shares and crash even more companies till they own everything! Watch the next recession how many companies quickly go back to normal after a few months with new owners.

2) The one world government (NWO)

- The plan has been a one world government, with a world currency, world army and world bank. To own and control all! The steps are already in place now, with the EU, the sotuh american and north american union. its unfolding before our eyes.

1) There is no democracy and there never will be

- The way i view it is, you only have dictators to choose from in elections , if it was a true democracy, you could vote for anybody you like... including your cat! Its an illusion of freedom of choice, you have no choice, we have owners!